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If you sell a product or service and your business has a site on the Internet, developing an e-commerce site may be critical to your continued success. Businesses today can no longer afford to think locally as did their brick-and-mortar predecessors. Instead, because customers may be across the street or on the other side of the world, businesses must think globally, and an e-commerce site expands your business into the global marketplace like no other business ever could.
Successful e-commerce solutions are those, which are scalable, reliable, secure and cost-effective. Most importantly though, e-commerce solutions are not just about technology, they are about business and people. Virtue Group can provide you with e-commerce solutions custom tailored to suit the needs of your business and your customers. Our skilled team of designers and developers create effective, integrated solutions that help business-to-business vendors and consumer retailers capitalize on emerging e-commerce opportunities.

Whether you need a low-cost store front, or a customized web store with database integration, we can be of great help. Our in-house commerce solutions give you the manageability and flexibility your business needs to conduct transactions securely over the Internet in real-time. Fully customizable, our e-commerce solutions offer the very best in scalability and functionality. We work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that integrate into your business model and bridge the gap between technology and your legacy system.

Our e-commerce solutions have open, scalable architectures, which allow our clients maximum flexibility to evolve their e-business systems with minimal technology constraints. Scalability and Quality Assurance are the key areas we focus on during our development process. We provide continued web assistance to our clients after the project has been implemented through web support. Our web support services include software and hardware purchase and set-up, co-location of the servers at a professional data center for hosting and web maintenance packages. We also provide reliable, shared hosting services for clients who do not want to set up their own servers.
Whether you are doing business-to-consumer or business-to-business your site needs support the sales process with a rich set of product specific content and applications. Some of these include:
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On-line purchasing with secure business transactions
   Privilege your users with On-line purchasing with utmost security
» Membership systems with secure log-in
  Make your customers permanent through membership programs. Through membership, customers can be provided with user id and password, so that they can be given a private space in your web site. You can attract your customers with interesting schemes like reward points on each purchase, surprise gifts and other special benefits. Maintenance of the customer database is made easy with features like automated Lost Password Help function and activation management for turning individual database records on or off
» Powerful Product Search
  Give your users the ability to find your products by navigating a hierarchal menu or by direct search for product terms. This provides both the casual browser the ability to see your full catalog and the power user the ability to jump directly to the product of interest.
Download Product Brochures
  Give your shoppers the ability to download your product brochures, specification sheets, and other supporting information they need to make their purchase decision. Give your product managers the ability to update this material directly and as often as necessary.
Product FAQ's and Knowledge Base
  Many online customers have grown to expect a quality site provides them the ability to resolve their problems directly without having to pick up the telephone. In fact, having to resort to a telephone call is often reflects negatively on your online support. Let your customer know about customer incentive features like discounts or point systems online. We provide a dynamic FAQ and/or knowledge base is easy to set up and maintained by your product.
» Support Message Boards
  In addition to the FAQ's and knowledge base a support message board gives your customers access to your support staff 24 hours a day. Additionally, new customers can benefit from the questions and solutions provided other customers. A well run Support Message Board often becomes a self support system with your customers providing support to each other.
» Product Newsletters and Promos
  Keep your customers informed and up-to-date with product specific newsletters. Our eCommerce suite has this capability built in and authoring and mailing your newsletters takes only minutes. Your users can easily subscribe to one or more mailing lists for product information they are interested in.
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I am thoroughly impressed with Virtue Group expertise in developing and implementing our product. Always willing and able to do whatever we ask, including work efforts... Stellar Performance always..." Sr.Manager,SCI

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