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Enterprise Application Integration

Large businesses require more than one application to monitor their processes and control their operations from a single point source. Also the need for enhancements has become a generic requirement. Virtue Group follows Service-Oriented Architecture in such scenarios. The current business climate dictates that businesses behave differently. By adopting Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for new development, you can adopt a standards based approach to enable the re-use of existing application functionality to support new business processes, dramatically reducing time to market. Hence, Virtue Group understands the importance of integration of applications and is always on the job of providing better solutions to its clients through SOA. We make sure that our solutions reduce IT costs, improve business agility and reduce project risk, while building on current IT investments. Our strategy is to rationalize existing applications and systems to drive down cost and improve efficiency and provide single window view of customers' legacy applications. In this process we make sure that the data transition is smooth and the data transfer is accurate.

Simplify your business processes

To help organizations achieve these, Virtue Group offers Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions built on careful planning, sound methodologies, highly skilled resources, and knowledge gained from numerous prior EAI projects. We ensure flexibility to add or modify product lines and businesses in the fastest possible time, reuse of existing application code, and seamless integration of data from disparate systems to enable direct processing and automated workflow systems.

Our EAI solutions allow compatibility between the customer's vast array of legacy systems and databases that do not comply with one another. They also provide customers with scalability, business growth, and the facility to generate MIS reports from comprehensive message tracing at various levels. Our EAI solution offerings also have the capability to provide live information across multiple business applications and analyses to the customer's management and internal users to aid the business decision-taking process. We help companies leverage their investment in their legacy and other business systems to offer an integrated information platform with the features customers and partners demand.
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I am thoroughly impressed with Virtue Group expertise in developing and implementing our product. Always willing and able to do whatever we ask, including work efforts... Stellar Performance always..." Sr.Manager,SCI

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