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Beyond harnessing the power of Big Data, many companies also struggle even to manage the databases they use on a day-to-day basis to run their business. Reporting has become a challenge, but storage, and usability are also issues for even small businesses because of the volume of data and speed of technology is outpacing existing infrastructure.

Let Virtue Group help keep you from being subsumed by the data-surge. We have the skills and expertise available to help you implement a solution that aggregates and securely stores your data while generating custom reports and analytics that help you gain a competitive advantage.

We work with customized databases including Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, SQL Server, SAP-HANA, OS (Unix, Linux, Windows & others), Middleware, Monitoring Tools, Networking Systems, VOIP/ Telephony, Monitoring tools and agents, Cloud, and many more. We offer data warehouses and data marts, with meta data management, warehouse administration, and data acquisition and migration services. We also offer extract, transform and load capabilities (ETL), and data cleanup and transformations.

Contact Virtue Group to find out more about how to put our resources to work for you.

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